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ap-9073/aw9073  special adhesive for aluminum plating
type: ester soluble compound adhesive
trademark: kingho
price: 0.00

i. application field

it can be used for packing lightdry food articles.

2. compositestructure:

suitable foropp(pet)vmcpp, opp/cpp(pe), pet(opp)/vmpet/cpe structure lightweight dry foodpackaging.

3.application features:

a, aluminumplating film (vmcpp, vmpet, vmopp) composite has excellent adaptability;can eliminate compound whitepoint, alleviate the phenomenon of aluminum plating migration.

b. highfluidity, excellent coating and wettability, excellent compound fastness toprinting inks with low surface tension;

c, goodtransparency, aging resistance, good processing performance.

d. it isnot suitable for composite boiling and high-temperature boiling package.

e. sanitaryperformance

. required by eu rohs directive 2011/65/euappendix ii (eu) 2015/863 limit

. us food and drug administration (fda) 21cfr175.105;

4.instructions for use

please readthe product manual or consult the technical service personnel carefully beforeuse to ensure correct application.

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