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  • legal statement on recruitment of personnel of zhongshan kingho chemical co., ltd

recently found that there are criminals posing as our company or in the name of our staff, to the recruitment website, schools and talent service agencies to issue recruitment notice, swindling applicants to guangdong to swindle money or pull into the pyramid selling order to protect the legitimate interests of job seekers and maintain our good social image, we hereby issue the following solemn statement in accordance with the law:

1. our company has established a headquarters base in zhongshan city, guangdong province, china, at no. 82, zhongheng avenue, henglan town, zhongshan city, guangdong province.

ii. our company will never charge any job-seeking fee to applicants, nor will we require candidates to try out or promote products as a condition of employment.

3. the telephone number dialed by our company has a uniform prefix. the fixed telephone number of zhongshan city is 8 digits.

four, if you have any questions about the recruitment information, you can call the following phone number to verify: 0760-87618198 to 203, if you have information about these criminal suspects, please report to

or fax it to 0760-87618199.

five, for posing as our staff to the job seekers for fraud and fraud into the pyramid selling organization, our company will investigate the implementation of the criminal responsibility.


human resources administration department


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