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[new product release] safety solution for ester soluble dry method composite soft packaging products -欧洲杯投注网址

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since its establishment in 1997, zhongshan kingho chemical co., ltd. has been committed to the research and development, production and sales of polyurethane meet the needs, personalized services;super value fast, moving customers."business philosophy, always adhere to the "stability, continuous improvement, scientific management, excellence" quality policy, continue to give play to the technical innovation of their own advantages, to launch practical technical solutions, to solve the application of the development of the industry.

for food, drugs and other soft packaging in accordance with gb 4806.1-2016 food safety national standard food contact materials and products general safety requirements, in accordance with the european union (eu)no 10/2011 food contact plastics and plastic products standards and other product safety issues will be introduced the following solutions, welcome to inquire!

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